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MyAdventures Terms of Use/Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

MyAdventures.com (MyAdventures) is an Adventure Experience Network. As such, its purpose is to enable its members to share information and pictures about their adventures, plan future adventures and find others who share their interests, whether in their own neighborhood or on the other side of the globe. The site helps members obtain information about adventure activities, get ideas for new adventures, make new friends who share interests, and plan adventures with other individuals or groups. Its reason for being is to encourage people to experience the great outdoors.

The site’s terms of use/privacy policy reflect those objectives.

As an Adventure Experience Network, while the site provides the ability for members to keep their adventures private, the purpose of the site is to share their interests and experiences so members can easily find and be found by other members based on adventure interests. As a result, MyAdventures strongly recommends that members keep their adventures open to being searched and viewed.

Adventures that MyAdventures finds interesting, unusual or otherwise remarkable (unless set as private by the member) may be displayed on MyAdventures.com’s home or other pages, through the site’s social media outlets (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and other such sites or in MyAdventures’ newsletter).

Likewise, in keeping with the intent of the site, MyAdventures reserves the right to remove any content or information deemed inappropriate, as well as to revoke an individual's membership in the site and bar offenders from future memberships in the site. Any use of the site for illegal activities will be reported to the authorities.

Privacy Policy

MyAdventures.com LLC (“MyAdventures” or “we”) operates MyAdventures.com. This Privacy Policy describes the use and sharing of Member Submitted Information (“MSI” – the content you have chosen to provide in your Profile) and Personally Identifiable Information (“PII” – information that may be gathered are part of your interaction with the site.) The term “User” refers to a Visitor or a Member. This Privacy Policy applies to the services offered by MyAdventures and includes all MyAdventures branded URLs. The services provided by MyAdventures are hosted in the United States. From time to time, MyAdventures may modify this Privacy Policy due to changes in technology or law, industry initiatives, or data collection policies. In such case we will post the updated policy to the site. Your continued use of MyAdventures.com’s services after the posting of a revised policy signifies your acceptance of the revised policy.

Information we gather

MyAdventures collects voluntarily submitted information as part of the registration on the site, which includes name, email address, privacy preferences, location, as well as the information about the adventures that the member submits on the site. In addition, we collect overall statistics about pages visited and time on the site. Additionally, we collect the email addresses of those who email us, and domain name of visitors to the site.

What we do with that information

The information we gather is used to help us improve the site and how it functions; improve the site layout; customize content and layout of pages for each individual visitor or member; notify visitors and members about updates to our site; contact members for news about site activity; provide information about services relevant to the member; comply with legal requirements.

This information we gather is not shared with third parties in an individually identifiable way, except when legally required to do so, at the request of governmental authorities conducting an investigation, to verify or enforce compliance with the policies governing our website and applicable laws, or to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our website

We use cookies to: store visitor's preferences and to record user-specific information on what pages users access or visit; alert visitors to new areas that we think might be of interest to them when they return to our site; to record past activity at the site in order to provide better service when visitors return to the site; customize web page content on visitors’ browser type or other information that the visitor sends. Please Click Here to learn more about cookies.

Sharing of Information

MyAdventures.com is about sharing information with others, including friends and people in your networks. You are provided with privacy settings that let you choose what information you provide to others and what you restrict other users from accessing.


Newsletter updates may be sent to members notifying them of new members and activity, updates to the site, and offers of other services that may be of specific interest.

Third parties

Partners of MyAdventures may be provided adventure interest information in order to deliver relevant service information to you through My Adventures communication channels, but without sharing your PII with them. Advertisers may be provided page-specific interest information to provide information that may be specifically of interest to you based on the adventures you have shared. However, in no case is personally identifiable information shared with partners or advertisers.

Ad servers

In order to bring relevant service information to you, MyAdventures may have relationships with other companies that will be allowed to place product and service information on your pages. Those companies may track click-stream information from your interaction with those ads to determine whether or not they are useful.

How to opt out of email and member contact

If you would like to opt out of receiving emails which offer products or services, other member contact, or from receiving the MyAdventures newsletter, you may do so by visiting www.myadventures.com/Profile/Edit and selecting your preferences. You may also unsubscribe on the emails that MyAdventures send you. Opting out of offers and newsletters will not prevent you from receiving important administrative emails, such as confirmation of password changes, and/or site update information that may affect your experience or account on the site.


Every member's account is password protected through VeriSign Security. We take all precautions to protect our members' information, using industry standard measures to protect all information that is stored on our servers and within the database. We limit access to this information to our employees who need access to do their job function, such as customer service personnel.

Your PII access

On request we will provide members with access to a description of the information we maintain on them.

Change in policy

This policy is in effect as of April 1, 2012. If there are future changes in policy, they will be posted on the website.


Questions about these Terms of Use/Privacy Policy should be addressed to: privacy@myadventures.com